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What are the six 2017 Nissan Midnight Edition models

What are the six 2017 Nissan Midnight Edition models?

They say black is slimming, but, we guarantee the Midnight Edition models wont fade into shadow. No, the aggressive styling is sure to turn heads and make you feel emboldened every time you take to the wheel. After all, shouldn't driving be fun, when it's often so necessary? We think so, and so does Nissan. So what are the six 2017 Midnight Edition models? Keep reading...

The available options are the: 2017 Sentra, Altima, Maxima, Rogue Murano and Pathfinder Midnight Editions

What makes Midnight Edition models different from others? Well, it depends on which of the vehicles you look at when it comes to the specifics, but, it can basically be boiled down to more aggressive styling. The trims make ample use of black accents and black aluminum-alloy wheels to create a darker appearance - thus the "midnight" name.

The Maxima SR Midnight Edition, was first released last model year, and it clearly proved itself as a desirable model. Seeing this, Nissan decided to expand the package to more models, so, there are now three sedan and three SUV choices.

Color Options for the Midnight Edition Nissan models

Color options for the Midnight Edition models have also expanded from Super Black, though, the exact colors will depend on the model. Gun Metallic, Red Alert, Aspen White, Pearl White, Cayenne Red, Coulis Red, Magnetic Black, Palatial Ruby are all options, with availability depending on the vehicle. What it comes down to is that every model can be found in black, white, gray, or red, with black exterior accents.

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